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Thank you for your interest in becoming a qualified appraisal provider on Logical Appraisal Management Company’s Appraiser Panel.
As an appraisal management company, our success is dependent on the appraisers performing the work.

Requirements for approval to be added to Logical Appraisal Management Company’s Appraiser Panel:

  • Copy of Declaration Page with valid E&O insurance with a minimum of $500,000 each claim
  • Certified/Licensed Appraisers with at least 5 years of Certified experience
  • Professionals who are experts in their market area
  • No license infractions or violations that have resulted in sanctions from any State Appraisal Board or Financial Regulatory Agency
  • May not have been convicted, found guilty, regardless of penalty, of a misdemeanor involving moral turpitude or of any felony
  • Compliance with Dodd-Frank, USPAP, and all State and Federal laws
  • Completed W-9 tax form to be kept on file. Appraisers are solely responsible for meeting all tax requirements associated with performing work as an independent contractor.


Why work for Logical Appraisal Management Company?

  • If you don't have enough work, you can increase your workload.
  • Unless you work for an appraisal management company, you won't be able to get work from certain   lenders. 
  • Expand your business.
  • Access to lenders without having to be on a lot of fee panels.
  • You set your schedule, your workload and your fees.
  • This is an increasing industry trend so give us a try and see how well you like it.
Interested in becoming part of our Appraiser Panel?
We invite those qualified professionals to click here to sign-up. A member of our management team will get in touch. 
If there are multiple associates in your firm, please note that each associate must complete a separate sign-up.